Makers of Custom Metal Artworks.
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'Imagination is our only limitation.'

Welcome to Joatmon LLC, makers of custom metal works. Take a woman with a dream and a man that loves Big Boy Toys, and you have a marriage made in heaven. Joatmon Krafts is the brain child of the brains behind the marriage. Karen's love of crafting and peoples love of her creations, lead her to sell some of her fine wood work pieces in the earlier days. She then took a job as a laser operator in a factory and discovered the joys of metal. Throw a welder, plasma cutter, sheet metal, steel tubing, misc. tools and Jim in a building and watch the sparks fly. Karen and Jim have produced some of the finest metal art work around. Word of mouth has sales from Michigan to Florida to Vermont.

As we said before, we make Custom Metal Artworks as our specialty, but we also have specialty items that are in stock and ready to sell at a moments notice. Here are some examples of what we make. Our Merchandise page contains pictures so you can see what's available.

  • Circle hangers

  • Shelf brackets

  • Picture holders

  • Candle holders

  • Napkin holders

  • Letter holders

  • Birdhouses

  • Bookends

  • Signs

  • Single Light Switch Plates ($5-$10)

  • Single Receptacle Plates($5-$10)

  • Double Switch Plates($5-$10)

  • Triple Switch Plates($5-$10)

  • Specialty Switch & Receptacle Plates($5-$10)

  • Key holders